Where's your head at?

So…here I am thinking, holy crap I have been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan blog awards (just thought I’d throw that one in there,) I best maybe try and mix my blog up a little, and divert away from my ranting and raving about the repetitive mistakes I seem to make with the opposite sex. Opposite being the key word here.

But, truth is, I can’t. I’m good at making these mistakes and maybe even a little better at writing about them. (Being shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Blog awards ‘n all.) However, when I write these entries, my thoughts are going out to every other female who has to go through the ups and downs of living in new gen! I know I’m not the only one who ballads it out to Celine Dion and shouts at the TV showing yet another comedy romance: guy meets girl, girl falls out with guy cause she was a bet, but guy realises how madly deeply in love with her he is and then they marry on a white sanded beach.

It seems to me that there have been many recent cases amongst myself and my dearest girl friends, where we are warned after at least three weeks of the whole ‘seeing each other’ shebang (ugh what does that even mean,) that they are not after anything serious. No doubt however, they are after a late night ‘snuggle’ to conclude their night out with the ‘lads’. Seems to me, these boys don’t like to sleep alone.

I am master of these speeches delivered by the male generation, without even being one of them. And this is not necessarily a good thing, it means that time after time again I have had to deal with the knock back of thinking ‘ooo things might be getting serious,’ only later then to learn that it couldn’t be further away from serious if it tried. Does this mean it’s all big joke? Because neither of us were laughing last night when we were cuddled up watching rubbish TV, laughing and joking, kissing and talking. To me, when these guys text me and my girls saying how much they enjoyed their evening, and how they wish they didn’t have to leave that morning…I am left puzzled. Is that not serious?

Why is it they wait until we begin to fall for them to tell us that their heads not in the right place, or they aren’t ready for commitment or they are just really confused at this particular moment? If that’s the case misters, then why the dang do you ask our numbers? Most recently, I had another serious case of ‘my heads not in the right place’. ‘I’m not sure what I should be doing?’ he FACEBOOKED me. Hold up chuck, last time I saw you, your head was where it’s supposed to be and you were actually doing …well to put it bluntly…me? This guy is severely confused. Why didn’t you tell me this two months ago sugar pie idiot darling oh my god it’s happened again twirp!!

This is a short entry because I don’t want to have to repeat what I have had to say before. And I’m trying to work on this new ‘don’t keep re-reading the last chapter because you’ll be unable to move onto your new one’ outlook. (An artier fartier way of saying, don’t dwell on the past.)

But men, boys, fellows, lads, stop making up these uber lame excuses that make us girls feel pretty damn crap. You know where your head is, you know what/who you’re doing and if you don’t make up your mind and embrace the things that could actually be pretty amazing for you, then you will lose! Because if you think females are going to wait around for you to find your head, de-confuse yourselves or finish off your experimental phase…there’ll be another thing coming. And it won’t be you.

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