Apple ain't no fruit fooool!

Tradition is slipping through our hands. Not just because each new and improved technological gadget is getting smaller and thinner, but because we would rather tap at our touch screens or stare at our smart phones than pick up a daily newspaper or the latest King Novel. ‘It’s got touch screen technology so you can write on it with your actual handwriting… well okay, let me grab this actual pen and write it down on this actual bit of paper!’ Are we just coming up with lazier and more complicated versions of what we already had in the first place? There are many distractions today that divert us away from our creative and traditional side. Be it, Facebook pokes, Twitter tweets or simply reading an e-book online. I can hear Wilde up there now ‘ No you imbeciles, books all the way! Wait a minute, is that an app for Oscar Wilde quotes? Genius.’

I think we all look silly with these decreasing-in-size mechanised gadgets. For all you dieters out there, forget the Atkins, just go and have a word with Apple! The pounds would drop off. My point is, our shelves are now bookless, and or kitchen tables are morning paperless and we have sites such as Twitter and Facebook to discourage the idea of reading a great classic or well…getting to know our neighbours. Heck even as I type facebook into good old Microsoft Word, it underlines it with a green squiggle…Oh silly me…capital F for Facebook.  And don’t forget the capital P following the lower case i for iPod! Punctuation people! Will this be a new rule in our native languages? Letters that were Latin are now being dictated to us by apple. A is for apple after all, but will this now have different connotations to the trusty fruit that keeps the doctor away? 'Apple, yeah it's a fruit init?' ... 'Nah it's an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers.'
I feel sorry for the new gen kids, being hypnotised and hoaxed by all these new techs.  Lets shove it into the kids’ hands at the first sign of boredom or the initial trigger of a tantrum. Kids are in the back seat playing with iPads rather than looking at what’s out the window. Don't you miss the ‘are we there yets’ and ‘where are we goings?’ All things bright and beautiful are being replaced by all things 3g and technological. Bring back the tradition I say. Hypocritical of me as I type this blog on my Laptop, to put onto the world wide web, when I could be using an actual pen to write down on an actual piece of paper..hmmph.

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JoRose1183 said...

AND...What about the Kindle - what happened to books being a precious thing, something to be treasured and read over and over again. Even as a kid I loved Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew and Narnia... papreback or hardback...but on a screen, with mucky fingerprints all over it... yeh thats real cosy on a rainy saturday afternoon with your tea and crumpets!! Love the points you make!!