Morals or Muscles.

I wish there was a gym where men could go to sort their morals out and not their muscles.

Some lads put so much effort into getting 'buff,’ if they put the same amount of time, speech and motivation in to strengthening their norms and values, there would be a lot more prince charming’s walking the earth. Yeah they might be a little scrawny, but you don't hear a lot of women go 'sheeesh, have you seen his Semitendinosus' or 'wow check out his Peroneus longus' (sounds dodgy I know but I think it's actually to do with the lateral leg.) Many women aren’t interested in how many weights men can do in ten minutes, or how long a guy can stay on the treadmill. But it is evident men go to the gym not to impress women, but in fact other men. The ego and the testosterone that must be between those four walls on a Monday evening bust be enough to kill a cat.

As much as it is nice to see the opposite sex be so passionate and dedicated to one particular subject, it would be overwhelmingly lovely, if men put their morals to the test rather than their muscles.

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